Guess what? I still play Club Penguin.

Hey Penguins. It’s been a while hasn’t it? I quit blogging a while ago, but know I’ve learned severeal coding languages and graphic designing and finally opened up a new Club Penguin website. The link is…..

You have to sign up and stuff. But it’s really cool. You can add buddies, make your own profile, and more stuff. There is even an automatic updating field ops tracker. Pretty awesome, eh? BTW and this website are closed now. 




Hello Penguins,

This is a super quick post stating we have moved to another URL.

Check out the new and improved Club Penguin Blog:

We will never be posting on this website again (unless something goes wrong). Comment on your thoughts!


Penian4 Gets Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water!

Hello Penguins,

Yesterday night, my dad went to go get a new cellphone, we went to a mall and in-front of the mall there was a Toys R Us! I asked my dad if we could go and see if they have card Jitsu water and he said yes! I was actually going to get the mini booster packs, but they didn’t have any so instead, I got a collector box! Awesome, right? Here are some pictures:


  • 24 Game Cards
  • 4 Foil Power Cards
  • 4 Code Cards
  • 3 ”Customize you penguin” sticker cards
  • 3 ”Customize your penguin” Game cards

Awesome, right? As you can see in the last image, it came with FOUR card Jitsu water codes!! Since I am not a member, I am going to give away ALL of them, here! One on Penian Points, one on twitter, one when Card Jitsu Water is released and one for my next party! It is $13.99 Canadian and US. Are you going to get it? It hasn’t even released on Club Penguin yet! Comment on your thoughts!

New Club Penguin Better Igloos Cheats!

Hello Penguins,

Today, Club Penguin released a new Better Igloos Catalog! This one doesn’t really have any specific theme for the furniture items. Look below for the 2 cheats in this catalog:

Knight Ice Sculpture – Page 3

Ornate Mirror- Page 6

Awesome! What do you think about this catalog? I think it might be kind of like a castle theme! There is also a new Igloo Upgrades, Catalog but there are no new cheats for it! Comment on your thoughts!


Club Penguin Rains after Storm!

Hello Penguins,

The rumors were true… Club Penguin is raining! When I logged in on to Club Penguin today, the first thing I noticed was that Club Penguin was raining! What an amazing sight! It was wet everywhere. Could this be a sign of Card Jitsu water? Hmmm… Take a look at the town when Club Penguin is raining:

Cool! I love changes in Club Penguin. It is OFFICIAL that Club Penguin will be released Card Jitsu Water this month! It might be around the 24th! What do you think of this? Comment on your thoughts!


Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Exclusive!

Hello Penguins,

Today, I was on my email,  and was very surprised to find an email from Billybob in my Inbox! The email was very short, so it might have been fake, but it said it was sent from  So, straight to the point, he emailed me a link, You may be saying that isnt an exclusive, but i wouldn’t have checked it if I were him. And on that page, there was a video! Check out a screen shot of it:

It may not clearly state Card-Jitsu Water is coming, but it does show a water balloon being thrown at the other penguin! This can only mean one thing… Card Jitsu water is coming! I am guessing it is coming next week or so! I am excited, except I am not a member! Are you? Comment on your thoughts!



Field Ops #22 Ultimate Guide

Hello Penguins,

It’s Monday, that means… a new field op! The cheats are below:

1. Log on to club penguin and go into a server. Then click your spy phone on the bottom right corner.

2. Click the ”Go There” button to teleport to the HQ. Then walk over to the yellow field op screen on the right hand side.

3. Now a computer screen should come on your screen. Click ”Accept Field Op”

4. Now waddle over to the forest and take the path that leads to the Hidden Lake and go to the barrel.

6.Your spy phone should turn green. Click it.

7. Then your mini mission screen should come up. Click ”Engage”




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